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Jindal Galgotia Publications. To study the thermo emf using thermocouple and resistance using Pt. Fresnel Diffraction, Diffraction at a straight edge, Fraunhoffer diffraction due to N slits, Diffraction grating, absent spectra, dispersive power of Grating, resolving power of prism and grating. Tech Program Consist of semester wise pattern that has divided for Four years. Tech program for Candidate Reference.

Making of various joints, Pattern making. Write a program to copy one file to other, use command line arguments.

Write a program that takes two operands and one operator from the user perform the operation and then print the answer. Core making- Making and baking of dry sand cores for placing in horizontal, vertical and hanging positions in the mould cavity. Verification of force transmitted by members of given truss. An array of record contains information of managers and workers of a company.

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To study the charging and discharging of a capacitor and to find out the time constant. Print all the data of managers and workers in separate files.

Modify Object Properties and a know how of layers, colors and prototype drawing. Shear force and bending Moment Diagram. Tech courses can Download in the pdf Format as Links Available below. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Optionally switch and break statements may be mentioned. Numericals based on above topics. This question should have objective or short answer type questions.

Interpretation and use of charts, graphs and tables in technical writing. Concept of algorithms, Flow Charts, Data Flow diagrams etc. Types of writings Expository, Descriptive, Analytic, Argumentative, Narrative etc and their main features.

Write a program to find sum of the following series. Concept of Sub-programming, functions Example of functions. The emphasis should be more on programming techniques rather than the language itself. Write a program to cipher a string. To determine the percentage composition of a mixture of Sodium hydroxide and Sodium Chloride.

Argument passing mainly for the simple variables. Concept of variables, program statements and function calls from the library Printf for example. Composition of soil, classification and effects of soil pollutants and their control. To verify the law of moments using Bell crank lever.

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Recent Books Browse all books. The C Programming language is being chosen mainly because of the availability of the compilers, instrumental lullabies books and other reference materials. Here you can get the Books of B. Tech Course Study Materials B.

McGraw Hill Education Edition no. Introduction, production of plane polarized light by different methods, Brewster and Malus Laws. Obtaining true shape of the plane figure by projection.

Laboratory Manual on Engineering Chemistry Latest ed. Topics include how to protect your source and sensitive data, maintaining your anonymity online, and securing your emails. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply.

Unit step function, Impulse function and Periodic function and their transforms. Tech notes by visiting the below links for each subject. Tech Course for References. Use Microsoft Power-Point to perform the following. Production Engineering by R.

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Two wattmeter method of measuring power in three phase circuit resistive load only. Determine the amount of Cu in the copper ore solution provided hypo solution. Topics include appliance architecture, security, and how to build simple, yet responsive user interfaces. To determine the co-efficient of friction between wood and various surface like Leather, Wood, Aluminum on an inclined plane. Write a recursive program to print the first m Fibonacci number.

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To verify the law of Moments using Parallel Force apparatus. To determine the mechanical advantage, Velocity ratio and Mechanical efficiency of the Wheel and Axle. Residue theorem, Evaluation and real integrals. Bench moulding with single piece pattern and two piece pattern.

Concept of loops, example of loops in C using for, while and do-while. Pointers, relationship between arrays and pointers Argument passing using pointers Array of pointers. Starting and Speed Control of a D. Write a program to mask some bit of a number using bit operations. Overview of Computer organization and historical perspective computer applications in various fields of science and management.

Oxy-Acetylene welding and cutting of ferrous metals. It is well organized, covers single variable and multivariable calculus in depth, and is rich with applications. Properties and applications.

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