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Though it made Time Magazine's dubious worst cars of all time list a few years ago, it appears to perform better than the competition here. An Indian woman was killed and her husband was critically injured after their car crashed into a truck in Dubai, the media reported on Sunday. Thankfully, vehicle safety technology has increased greatly throughout the years and fatalities have become much less common. Here's some great footage of early Chevy crash tests. Many of these crashes were fatal.

22 Brutal Crash Tests That Changed The Way Cars Are Built

Williamson avoided serious injury, but was now trapped in his car. The Indiana Mills and Manufacturing Inc. Volvo has long been a pioneer in automotive safety.

Pretty scary and almost certainly fatal pedestrian vs car accident. Three teenage soccer players on their way to a tournament in Miami were struck and killed by an out-of-control vehicle, according to police. Well, it turns out they don't work so well. We like to think that everyone walked away with their lives and most of their limbs.

Did this guy fall asleep while driving his scooter? This vintage film from shows frontal impacts between the smallest cars and largest ones from a given automaker.

Watch this video in its entirety on our YouTube channel. This video shows an F vs Civic crash done both ways, and reveals how important these blocker beams are. The driver probably would've been killed. It's easy, even fun, to watch a pedestrian family sedan get crushed in a safety test.

It's a first rate teaching package. Motorcyclist is on a Yamaha V-Max, riding down I, when he becomes involved in a wild accident. In the aftermath of the fateful crash, police pitied Jim Boeheim. There's no such thing as breaking too many records. And of course, the drunk driver survived while the dashcam vehicle driver was killed.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Getting a driver's license is a rite of passage for teenagers, but it also marks the start of their most dangerous years on the road. Van Buren was cleaved in half, and his body so horribly dismembered that his boss was only able to identify him by summoning all of the other race marshals and seeing who was missing. The inept safety marshals did not know what to do, nor were they equipped with fire proof clothing.

Your search did not match any documents. Buses and big rigs needs safety crash tests, too. Still, there's plenty of alcohol-impaired driving left.

Through creative experiments, he explores how the third collision can cause injuries to organs, demonstrates how shockwaves can damage tissue and describes what happens at the cellular level. But judging by the results of this Geely performance in a Latin American government crash test, it should plan log some hours with its brethren in Sweden.

Basketball coach s wife and daughter killed in car crash

No one would be left alive. When motorcyclists crash, the results can be disastrous. The biker only suffered minor injuries. Everybody taking it easy, they all have their own agendas but no one's in a hurry.

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Mass usually wins in automotive accidents. Part of the reason is that the Gremlin was built on the chassis of the more stout Hornet. Zorzi's car quickly caught fire, and Zorzi safely jumped out. Iron Mike sits down to talk about his troubled youth that lead him to become The Badest Man on the Planet. The exotic dancer who authorities say drunkenly mowed down three Florida teens waiting for a bus to a soccer tournament over the weekend will be criminally charged.

One is that it shows just how much work goes into setting up a crash test. The Nano was certainly small and inexpensive, but one of the reasons it was so cheap was that it was a terrible performer in crash tests. What happens to vehicles and their occupants in crashes is determined by science.

The track was supposed to be closed off, but somebody obviously didn't get the memo. It's works so well that upon impact, it severs the entire hood of this massive truck cleanly off the chassis and sends it flying.

22 Brutal Crash Tests That Changed The Way Cars Are Built

The fuel tank of the Ford Pinto was one of the worst engineering safety missteps in automotive history. This is where the carnage began.

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Basketball coach s wife and daughter killed in car crash

Fatal Car Crashes Caught on Video

With his inch running vertical and sick dunks, we figure he should be a shoe in. This model now has an escape hatch in the roof in case of a vehicle rollover. There are very few cars on the road - not a bad day for driving.

Teen drivers have much higher crash rates than adults. Just when you think you've seen all the trick shot videos around, someone else gets trickier.

Video Shows Car Crash Into Brockton Gas Pump Sparking Fire

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Access our comprehensive bibliography. That's just painful to watch.

As you might imagine, small cars from Ford and Chevy the Pinto and Vega aren't great performers. The new Colorado comes standard with front and rear head curtain airbags as well as seat mounted torso bags. Look at how the roof structure simply buckles in under the load of the crash. While these buses have a rabid following today, the flat-front vans don't look as though they'd fare very well in a collision. This certainly isn't the most scientific or professional crash test we've seen.

It looks as if the oncoming driver passed that truck and cut back into her lane too hard, causing her car to fishtail and lose control. The passengers fly through the front window. This really shows just how far automotive safety has come.

Dan Wheldon's Fatal Crash. As this Consumer Reports narrated video shows, they did well in the offset front impact crash tests. The Volvo, and its crash test dummy occupants, site to hindi video songs appear to be in surprisingly good shape.