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In this example below the budget needs to be turned at the first of the year, January. Are you starting to see a pattern in the planning? These are the kinds of questions you need to ask when setting a date and time for the activity.

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If the participants make something to take home they pay for the project materials. Sisters may also invite their friends of other faiths. Pull together a committee to help Because you planned ahead of time you will know what kind of help you need and you can be upfront with them when asking to help. Treating people this way will build a trusting relationship with those who you ask to help.

Will the participants be making something to take home? You will need to accommodate their schedule. Sometimes your activity could be bumped to a different room because of a wedding or funeral. Start making notes for future use. If you contact the leader of that group a month ahead they can make plans to take the group to a different location.

Figure out what other classes or smaller group activities will be held during the year. At the March activity you will want to announce the next activity. They learn and apply principles of provident living and spiritual and temporal self-reliance.

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Pull together the committee. If the handouts for the classes will be photo copied at the church you need to find out which budget pays for those copies and if the library needs to have that amount for their budget. Find out the date the budget needs to be turned in and then start planning months before that date.

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Or will the participants take turns bringing refreshments? The clearer you explain the duties, who is aj michalka dating now the more successful your committee will be.

Plan the invitations and poster. Listen for red flags to see if they need additional help. Hopefully this will be a short meeting. Ask who else will be using the building that night or the night before if you need to set up the day before the activity.

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Price the activity and figure out the date you want to hold the activity.

Know their strengths and weaknesses. Put the event in the ward news letter and announcements in Sacrament Meeting yes, this far ahead. If you are having an outdoor activity where will the activity be moved to If the weather is bad?

Plan a year following this example. They also increase in sisterhood and unity as they teach one another and serve together. An activity that will let them spend time socializing and also fulfill the Relief Society goals. Make a schedule so you can see the larger picture of what a year will look like. What time is best to hold the activity if most of the women work?

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Contact the people who will be using the building and let them know of your plans. If the same people are helping with the next activity, this conversation could happen at the meeting for the next activity. Always have a backup plan. Talk about the upcoming activity and delegate the tasks.

Always plan three months ahead of the activity. The poster and invites should be ready to pass out.

Announce the backup plan on the invitation Have a committee meeting a month before the event to see if the poster and invites are ready. If the handouts are made at a local store you will need to plan the cost of those handouts in your budget. The goal is to complete enough planning you will have an idea of budget needed.

This book is about the history and work of Relief Society. Know the people you are asking if they work and how much free time they have. Give a deadline to the person making them.

The cost of teaching materials Will the budget cover refreshments? Find out who schedules the building.

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Sisters should not be made to feel that attendance at these meetings is mandatory. Will the participants be paying for the project?