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What do they mean with this? Does anyone know how to fix this?

You can change the controls with in the game! The game actually installed perfectly.

Very hard to defend but enjoyable. Can someone give more information about this?

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Works all fine, but i cant go online it says the server are not avaible? When install starts, it asks for Serial Number. With this download can we go on ultimate team or online by any chance Extremezone hellp. Or just uninstall origin and be done with it?

Umm Im not a newbie with torrents. Torrents works fine by the way. Yeah I've got the same problem with crashing on startup.

Hey guys, it's been ages since I played Fifa. Also, recipe card templates if anyone has problem with the Graphics and if you want to play in high resolution then go the fifasetup folder and run fifasetup.

You cant skip it you dickhead. Could anyone help me please?

Just google it and you'll find it. What the fuck is the origin? Okey, I fixed the crash-problem. No issues installing, didnt have to download any separate file.

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How can i fix the controls? When I want to start a New Career, the game just freeze, somebody a solution? Somebody knows what to do?

For some us its our first time. Are you sure you've cracked the game properly?

Does this fucki game works properly. Buy the full game to play multy.

Seed ppl Seed never gonna hit the stop button. Dont download it doesnt work. It's not the original game ripped, right?

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Finally a torrent that works! Solutions might be helpful. Could you guys tell me the serial. Can you Plzzz tell me wat the problem is.

Everything should work ok. Somebody got this problem? Experience the way real-world players challenge each other for the ball, win possession, and test each other physically. My problem is that when I try to launch it the game crashes instantly and creates a crashdump file.

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Friends Please seeeeeeeeed. Hi, I don't have a controller just keyboard so does anyone know the button configuration for that? It took a long time I could download Driver San Francisco.

Is there a way to play this without removing Origins? If I try to ignore the log in popup, the game will freeze in the language select menu. It works perfectly but that connection thing at the beginning is annoying. Followed the simple instructions and game worked Perfectly first time. That way, we just would need play the game!

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After i changed the fifaconfig. Is there any useful torrent? Will seen as best I can, This torrent needs it! Nice torrent, works like a dream, don't know what the fuss is all about. You one, mount, install and crack.