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Check out Slashdot, the leading technology news and discussion site on the web. We'd greatly appreciate if you'd take a minute to read the following message. Quad calculator Cubical quad antenna calculator in java script.

Everyone knows that the computers on Star Trek have the best sounds. If these programs turn on, you'll know by the distinct sound.

ZUMspot Kit W/1.3 OLED-2

Support is available on Wiki. If you're a power computer user, then you already know that by linking defined sounds to the various computer processes, you'll have more info as to what your computer is doing. There is no bit version of this release. You can view the available dx world by selecting the various band tabs. Can run on or fastest Pentium machine.

It clearly shows you where in the world you can expect to contact by band. Slashdot covers news for nerds and stuff that matters. Satellite tracking software. For licensing, inquire today.

You'll find that after you play with this awhile, you can find a set of sounds that works best for you. We've included a link above to the current version of Ham Radio Deluxe.

While that was true at one time, the terms the program was licensed under did not grant a permanent license to freely distribute the program forever. So, I am satisfied with streamed still pictures. You can view online or download. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and have a great day!

The Ground Station Software Suite projects aims at providing free, useful software tools for ham radio operators. This software collection uses the icewm window manager with menus customized for Amateur Radio use. We've recently been made aware of a number of things, zeus trojan remover and we'd like to give you a clear overview of the current situation surrounding Ham Radio Deluxe in general. EchoFilter EchoFilter is a free software program that turns a pc with a soundcard into a sophisticated programmable digital filter and frequency counter. Supporting a software suite of this size is a complex and costly process.

Client software for users of the Automatic Packet Reporting System amateur radio network. It does a lot more than logging. Propagation prediction software. Handling gridsquares, dxcc, dxcluster, qsl printing and much more.

It provides not only time and elevation predictions, but footprints as well. Weather satellite decoding software. Integrated dial-up support.

We are not affiliated with the developers of this software and make no guarantee of its effectiveness. Ever wonder how many megabytes your feeding your machine? There is a lot of other great software on this site as well. All Functions for Logbook. Currently, this projects hosts the Grig communication radio control.

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Some styles failed to load. Here is a list of the programs I use frequently.

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Recently, I purchased a very cheapo webcam camera. The program allows you to id your location, and download current solar indexes and active beacons. Grid Loc calculate maidenhead grid square and coordinates.

Call it Google Earth on steroids and its absolutely free! Click here to see the main window.

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Simply the best satellite tracking software made. Gpredict Real time satellite tracking and orbit prediction Gpredict is a real-time satellite tracking and orbit prediction application. PolarPlot Antenna software that lets you measure the polar diagram of a rotatable beam antenna.

It will also identify programs running on your computer that are communicating to any server out on the Internet. Uses a new algorithm for glound clutter attenuation prediction, based on a ray model.