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And I expect that one day he will prove his talent and will become as successful a star as Chiranjeevi. It turned out to be a Blockbuster.

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Same old story served in new bottle. And within the twinkling of an eye, all that glee turns gloom, as the local college goons kick the red-stuffing that's blood, you twinkie!

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Suchi comes to know about this and runs to help him, but is met with an accident. She is gone from the hospital by the time Chanti became conscious.

Both of them get admitted to the same hospital, and they unite there also. The textual, graphic, audio and audiovisual material in this site is protected by copyright law. Your performance is very well in Idiot.

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To preserve integrity, fullhyd. This article needs additional citations for verification. She complains to her father, and he takes Chanti to the police station and severely beats him before being rescued by his father and his fellow constables. Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very nice website superbbbb.

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But I can say one thing about this film, and that is that ever since Ravi Teja worked with Chiru in Annayya as his brother, his luck has changed. The lyrics have traces of raunchiness and clumsiness, though. When he is ready to do so, she agrees to his love. Very quick and apt as soon as the song is released, it gets the song on the site. Raviteja I saw clippings of your film in Gemini T.

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The performances of Rakshita and Prakash Raj as Suchitra and the Commissioner respectively are apt, too. The music was composed by Chakri and released by Aditya Music. My suggestion to you Ravi Teja is that you should not forget your annayya Chiranjeevi and should always get his blessings. When Chanti's friends inform him about the girl who rescued him, he starts loving her immediately for her goodheartedness, though he did not see her. Narayana finally arranges her marriage with another person, to which she openly opposes and tries to commit suicide.

This is must be yet another novel feather added to Poori Jagannath's directorial hat. Pokemon Detective Pikachu. He is beaten by a rival gang at night and was rescued by a beautiful girl Suchitra Rakshitha. Do you have the correct data? He proposes to Suchi again in the college.

When she does not agree, he tries to tease her. She pays his hospital bills and donates her blood.

Chanti comes and rescues her, but Narayana still wants to get her married to a man of his own choice. Another poori jagannath's marvel. Besides, Chakri's first-rate music's hit the big time, materializing into a solid recommendation to watch the film. Vaalliddari Vayasu Padahaare. Very suitable site for music lovers.

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Presenting Chantigadu, a k a Idiot Ravi Teja. But Idiot definitely isn't your cup of tea if you are expecting cent percent classic comedy, because the humor has a touch of raucousness. Idiot, with a weird sense of humor, scp 173 will be likeable to a great extent if you can keep aside your reservations about the lead characters and some small holes in the plot. Telugu Latest Movie Songs Download.