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Stephen Wilkinson celebrates his tenth year on Warp with a masterful mix of pastoral reveries and surprising tangents. An epic, positive, uplifting orchestral cue with driving staccato strings, massive horns and deep drums. Use this powerful cinematic music in films, games, movie trailers, dramatic marketing videos and other media projects that require an epic cinematic soundtrack. Art Architecture Sculpture Painting.

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This is a lounge-chill out track that brings you into a comfortable zone in your mind. Thank you so much and look forward to hearing from you soon. Conveys optimism, energy, heroism and inspiration. Also good for projects that need a bright patriotic feeling. Great for creating a Hans Zimmer style feeling of tension and awe.

Continuum International Publishing Group. Filmi and Music of Bollywood. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Epic, emotional and beautiful orchestral hybrid trailer music track with huge horns, dramatic strings, contemporary synths and deep, rhythmic percussion. Epic uplifting, patriotic orchestral track with smooth strings, bold, bright horns, choirs, guitars and synths.

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Ideal for adventures films or fantasy movies, heroic game trailers, victory. Please check your spam inbox it may have gone in there. The video will partly belong to them. Would look great as an intro.

Its has a sort of indian and tribal feel to it. Ideal background music for the romantic film, reflective moments, heartfelt drama, bank software pc patriotic projects and other. Suitable as background music for video or podcast.

Fantastic for projects that need an inspirational, energetic theme. Ideal for historical war films, with a strong patriotic feeling, glorious victory, epic battle scenes, heroic deeds, Olympic Games and golden champions.

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Happy ethnic acoustic fusion of world string instruments from Afghanistan, Brasilia, Chine, India and Others combined with Brazilian rhythm. Upbeat, hopeful classical piece in two sections. The greatest of the poets and saints communicated in vernacular tongues which later brought great upheaval in the North of India and gave rise to the popularity of Bhakti and devotional songs.

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Feel free to contact me on my email! An emotional, respectful start builds into a glorious climax.

Great for travel, documentary or tourism. It has, in fact, become a necessary part of the Maharashtrian folk dance performances. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Introspection Late Night Partying. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Michael Bolton teams with a full orchestra to revisit his big hits. Hope this helps clear things up. Rahman have been responsible for consolidating feelings of national integration and unity in diversity. It builds as the the track progresses to a huge climax. Dandiya or Raas is a form of Gujarati cultural dance that is performed with sticks.

Bangalore has been the hub for rock and metal movement in India. It would benefit both of us greatly if you say so. Featuring sitar, electric guitar, and percussion.

Beautiful, powerful and dramatic background cinematic orchestral track. Music with a patriotic theme attached to it can transcend borders and that is what we have sought to do with our self composed tracks that are royalty free allowing them to be used as you see fit. Majestic, breathtaking and glorious cinematic orchestra music, that builds into the stirring finale, with percussion, piano, and strings. Thank so much for this music. You should proceed your writing.

The melody sounds a bit like Terminator Main Theme. Featuring Indian taste sounds samples and warm and smooth synth sounds and arpeggiators with hypnotic drums machine. Uttarakhandi folk music had its root in the lap of nature and the hilly terrain of the region. Great for things like fantasy, Sci fi, adventure, game trailers.

Can you make some music for. There are never any licensing fees.

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Looks like it is working fine now. Rajasthani music is derived from a combination of string instruments, percussion instruments and wind instruments accompanied by renditions of folk singers. You can email me at sophonic media yahoo. Cinematic epic orchestral track with dramatic, yet motivational mood.

Of course you do not have to do a Trap song, but the bpm makes it tempting. Hi, I would like to download one of your tracks. Bihu songs are energetic and with beats to welcome the festive spring. Free instrumentals Instrumentals free.

Powerful, epic cinematic trailer with patriotic hybrid orchestral sound. The Daf and Chang are a favorite of Holi the festival of colours revelers.

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Conveys an atmosphere of thoughtfulness and contemplation. This is a genre of Nepali folk song of the Tamang people and popular amongst the Nepali speaking community in West Bengal, Sikkim and around the world. This is one of the most popular forms of dance and music that is practiced all over Maharashtra. Main themes are bravery, heroism, medal of honor, patriotism, glorious victory, superhero power.

Background Music Music Theme Overview

This groovy track has a very cool Indian vibe and sounds hip and trendy. Jazz in India and Indian blues.