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Tall, dark and handsome, Owen has a brooding stare and a measured, deep voice. His mutation, however, had as its first visible effect, abnormally pale skin. Damn shame, too, because he really just wants to sell sushi. Now if he can just parlay that sympathy into some roles where he doesn't have to talk directly to the camera, he'll be set for life.

Jackson will render inevitable, you can't do much better then Will Smith. Marvel's Luke Cage is the heroic iteration of this trope. Cusack has managed to spend a career playing misfits and losers without seeming too pathetic.

There are few actors outside of this list, of course who can pull off such fierce roles time and time again. Regardless, there are those tough, serious, fierce actors that when they appear on screen, they command attention and make you just a bit warier of what is happening. He does it better than most actors, and he does it often. That is, Spacey doesn't need to transform to be scary, he just is.

Intimidating black actors, Milf uk chat rooms

Aquila is a giant from Nubia who is so frightening that even his fellow servants of the Devourer fear him. Never has one man captained so many exploratory vessels, shot at so many rubber-looking aliens, or spawned so many classic YouTube videos. In No Country for Old Men, Bardem played one of the scariest maniacs on screen, and he does so with the similarly psychotic villain in Skyfall. With his unflinching stare and his knack for turning curse words into Biblical intonations of menace, Jackson is always an intense presence on screen.

They're either played seriously or for laughs, depending on the moment. The Yale-trained actor never dials it in and is notorious for being incredibly controlling of everything from the lighting to the editing on his films. Craig singlehandedly transformed James Bond from a smooth and aloof sophisticate to a passionate, vulnerable spy unlike we'd ever seen in previous s. Subverted, as he certainly looks scary and imposing but is actually a pretty nice and reasonable guy.

There is something about Christoph Waltz that seems to suggest he is not having any of you. The unquestioned devotion of these men to the art of projecting feeling into our hearts and guts comes through, not just in their roles, but in their entire lives. It's hard not to be intimidated by someone like that, no matter how nice they are. His physique's not the only thing that's scarily large. Scary enough when human, but gets a whole lot scarier when he transform into his chiropteran form.

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With his soothing voice he's a trained opera singer! And somehow he is even more swoon-worthy as a man than he was as a teen. You took that guy out with a look. Cooler tempered than A, in possession of an impressive beard, he was an incredibly imposing ninja who could fight with entire armies.

He's not so friendly after that. Apocalypse the world's first mutant, is originally from Africa specifically Egypt, thousands of years ago. For whatever that's worth.

Bob Makihara from Tenjho Tenge. He becomes even scarier after he loses an eye and has it replaced it with a gold one. Cue Frank just grabbing the guard's baton and breaking it over Squeak's skull, killing him.

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He's actually a pretty Nice Guy on his downtime, but when he was first introduced he was a commander in the military who wouldn't hesitate to kill and he's now partnered with Gajeel. He's also the smartest of the group. Though it should be noted that he's not the biggest that would be Bean Bandit or even the scariest Goldie oh God, Goldie character in the manga. He even is uncomfortable to watch in The Gunman. And, of course, his off-camera intensity is legendary.

The new trend isn't all good news though, since he played an ultra-romanticized hero who triumphed against all odds in both of those films. Similarly, there's also his rival Jun Uozumi, though he's much friendlier then his appearance suggests. His off-screen crusades, ranging from anti-paparazzi vendettas to his unprecedented devotion to post-earthquake Haiti, appears to flow from the same well of intensity that fuels his acting. Averted by Cameroon of Axis Powers Hetalia. Thunderball of Marvel's Wrecking Crew.

They transform into the character to become scary and unnerving. Unlike the previous bearer of the powers, this Tattooed Man knows how to use his powers to maximum effect. Being voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan helps.

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Uriel in Lucifer is the only black angel the only non-white angel actually and sufficiently scary that he spends most of the series in charge of Heaven. Sartorus from Steelgrip Starkey and the All-Purpose Power Tool is a broad-shouldered towering black man with dreadlocks. Tombstone is a bizarre example, as, despite being technically black, he's an albino, meaning his skin is chalk white. People don't really freak out until they find out he's black underneath.

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Intimidating black actors

If a role is underwritten or the plot a bit trite, a veteran actor with a certain proclivity for such roles, or a preceded reputation, can raise everything up. War Machine becomes this whenever he's angered.

These are the ten most intimidating male actors working today. That is, they can come off as intimidating without much effort if the part calls for it. Walken is more of a comic performer these days, but the iconic man with the piercing eyes and distinctive New York cadence can be one of the most intimidating actors when the role demands it. In that movie Briareos is more Asiatic than black, though - the artists wanted him to be a traditional pretty-boy, canal atv valdivia online dating apparently.