Kandar Anuboothi

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With shoulders like mountains, Who has crossed beyond the City of Devas! In Viralimalai temple Murugan taught Arunagirinathar the technique of transferring the Soul from one body to other. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

The Abode of eight attributes! Oh Thou, adorned with garlands of flowers on Thine chest! Oh King, peacock-mounted God! Oh Victorious One who cleft the Krauncha Peak! The material goal of life is not the goal that should be known.

Kandar anuboothiKandar anuboothi

When Arunagirinathar requested Lord Muruga to appear in front of people in Thiruvannamalai, Lord Muruga did appear in front of everyone. Oh Velava, praised by the hordes of demons and wearing the garland of Koodala flowers, You are the Consort of Valli! Intellect being dimmed, the mind weakening, being in a comatose state and having lost the way to Salvation, I ask, is it my fate to remain ruined? If you heed not my advice, you will be ruined. Oh Son, born of the boon obtained by Goddess Ganga!

You are the Gold, the Gem, the real Wealth and Grace divine. By Your gracious act the fetters of my desires got broken to pieces and indescribable anubhuti the Experience of the divine state was born in me.

In the past, greatly did I cherish this way of life transient like lightning. That which has neither form nor without form, being and non-being, neither darkness nor light.

Kandar Anubhuti

Kanthar Anubhuthi is a deeply philosophical and spiritual treatise with profound mystical import of Saint Arunagirinathar, youtube er ubuntu 10.10 who stands unique among the devotee-saints of Tamil Nadu. Oh peacock-mounted Warrior! Should I beg at the doors of the learned and wise men who hold back concealing their knowledge?

Kandar Anuboothy

When will Thou condescend to take me, Who knows not the way of merit, to where both Your lotus feet rest, where there is neither thought nor nescience? Oh Victorious Lord who restored Devas their world!

Kandar Anuboothy

When God with the peerless Vel gave upadesa of this, So soon, relationship with the world ceasing, thought and speech were cut, knowledge departed and ignorance followed suit. Ever boastful, knowing none good, addicted to evil, how can I account for Your subjugation of me? He is without thought or forgetfulness, and is beyond the comprehension of Brahma and Vishnu. Searching for an equal to fight against, the great asura Gajamukha, was killed in battle by the elephant-faced God. On Your twelve shoulders, trained in wrestling, rest the garlands of my praises.

Will You bestow on me the ultimate Wisdom? How can I express it in words?

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Should I be forsaken to suffer totally? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Oh Prince, embracing the lightning-like Valli!

When Yama creates a furore to take away my life, protect me from death by giving refuge at Thine lotus feet. Wipe out all my turmoils and take possession of me. Lord, holding the Vel radiating light! Oh, the One without beginning or end! Arunagirinathar never knew that this will help sometime in future.

Kandar Anubhuti

Oh Muruga, possessor of the matchless Vel! Arunagirinathar has to use the technique of transferring his soul to a dead parrot's soul to go to heaven. Thinking it real, I adopted this evil way and I am now tossed about in pain.

Index of sacred texts in Tamil, Sanskrit and English. Because out of ignorance, I failed to worship Your holy feet. Not only are Your hands, Your Vel an But everything emits a reddish glow! With mind melting, I could go on chanting Muruga, Kumara and Guha. Or, is it Knowledge that dawns?

Oh Crest Jewel of Devaloka! Oh Wielder of the Vel, bright as the crimson sky!

Kandar Anubhuthi is a collection of songs sung by the great Tamil Saint Arunagirinathar. See also Kandar Anubhuti in original Tamil script.

When will the seven kinds of births and the desires of Maya, tightly holding me, come to an end? Praised by devout Devas and by the people on earth, Oh Foremost of the Gurus!

The Skanda Experience

When can I see my way out of the tangle of wealth dense and dark like the Vindhya jungle, and of the mire of misery of worldly life? This article needs additional citations for verification.