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As part of this, McAfee provides information, tips and advice to educate you on the latest threats, scam and tricks. The malware checkpoint feature will allow users to act proactively and not wait for Facebook's automated scanners to identify a threat, the security team said. With this newest update, you can proactively obtain your choice of a free antivirus product to scan and clean your system. You should definitely let it scan or let any software repair if they tell you you have a virus. Can it ever be fully repaired?

How to turn off or stop people from posting happy birthday on your Facebook? Facebook already uses internal scanners to detect spam and malicious messages that might have been sent from user accounts hijacked by malware. That message is facebook's b. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

Once you download and install it, it will add antivirus software to your computer that will continue to protect your system with the latest from Microsoft. It's the better one of the two. You should also stay off sites that may cause you to get a virus too. Because if you do have a virus than it can screw up your whole computer or make it really slow. Email Kristin at kburnham cio.

Facebook on Tuesday launched a feature that allows users to lock down their Facebook accounts and perform malware scans if they suspect that their computers might be infected. You most likely do not as well as long as you have a good antivirus installed on your computer. Here's the first installment from one of our long time partners in cybersecurity - McAfee. Do you like people posting long, personalized happy birthday posts on your facebook wall showing appreciation and your best qualities?

Previously, if you suspected you may have malware installed on your device, you would have either needed to run antivirus on your device or waited until Facebook identified an actionable threat. Over the past few months Facebook Security has been focused on helping our users stay free from malware. Last month, it made changes to its mobile reporting flows. Knowledge I've picked up from my dad who works with computers. Learn how leading organizations are rising to the cloud security challenge.

It will not interfere with your existing anti-virus or other security products. Previously, if you suspected you may have malware installed on your device, you would either need to run anti-virus on your device or wait until Facebook identified an actionable threat. The result has been an impressive track record of achievements such as the eradication of the Koobface virus, extremely low spam rates and a fraction of compromised accounts. Malware disguised as a legitimate Facebook post or app that entices you to click.

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You'll be instructed to choose an option, as seen below.

Here are the latest Insider stories. Facebook and other technologies, like mobile, have brought ease and utility to our lives but also require users to be more vigilant to stay safe online. Check out the latest Insider stories here.

This is the most recent in a number of updates Facebook has rolled out in its fight against malware. Last year, Google announced that you could run a system scan on your computer if you suspected your device had been compromised by malware. Like our Facebook Page to get security advice in your newsfeed. Is this another virus and should I trust this software? If users choose the McAfee Scan and Repair checkpoint they won't be able to unlock their account until the malware scan, whose progress is displayed on Facebook's website, is complete.

Still others are saying do not install it! The irritating part about it is I have no viruses.

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Facebook Launches Malware Checkpoints for Users with Infected Computers

The Microsoft Security Essentials option is a full anti-virus product. Facebook isn't the only site to offer malware detection. Follow Kristin on Twitter kmburnham. In April, the social network launched the Facebook Anti-Virus Marketplace and made enhancements to its external blacklist system. Use in spite of protection software you have already got on your computer to do away with any malicious documents, or you may restoration your computer to an formerly date.

To accomplish this cleaner approach, Facebook has partnered with Microsoft to offer its Security Essentials product and with McAfee for its Scan and Repair product. Along with Facebook, lord of the rings music McAfee is working to keep the Internet safe for everyone.

It won't interfere with your existing antivirus or other security products. Others say go ahead and download it and use it! When is the best time to update my Facebook profile picture? To be completely honest I have been dealing with this for weeks now.

You can access the Facebook antivirus checkpoint here. Why doesn't Yahoo care about Facebook? Facebook will redirect you back to your news feed. Malware, short for malicious software, are programs installed on your device to disrupt normal operations, collect personal information or gain access to a system.

You can find more information on keeping your information safe on the Facebook Security Page and the Security on Facebook site. Now, though, Facebook is offering you free options if you suspect your device has been infected. Join or Log Into Facebook.

The Microsoft Security Essentials option, Facebook says, is a full antivirus product. After we identify a possible infection, we will notify the user and provide, free of charge, an anti-virus product capable of cleaning the user's device. When trust is shattered by someone you love. Mcafee virus scan, leave it or uninstall it? After you choose an option, click the box certifying you have run the antivirus software and that your computer is clean, then click continue.

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