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It was faster than I thought. Thank you very much, you helped me a lot! Looks like I have the old welcome screen. Have you tried disconnecting the car battery? Hi, Excellent post and instructions.

Love your detailed description. The firmware upgrade fixed that too. Facebook Email Twitter Reddit Print. After recharging my battery everything seemed to be fine though.

Worked perfectly and as described on my Skoda Columbus unit and happy to find no re-partition was needed so all data was retained. Just trying to load the maps however the rns unit is not reading the dvd navigation disc? Can you post a link of the one you got, I looked at Joying and Pumpkin. Read step by step for succes.

So i downloaded the swl and got the system back on. Hi Paul I have read on my gti. Hi, could you help me please.

Just through Rns and enjoy your life. Hi Peter, Thank you for this, it worked a treat, all others had failed. Is the system faster more responsive? Thank you very much for every reply.

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Any advice for me, other than patience? Any idea if this will work on a Japan model? The only way I have found to reliably determine your hardware rev is to pull the unit out and look at the part number. Someone I gave a disc to simply cloned it and started selling them.

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No idea why, but I guess the only way to really check is to pull the unit and look at the physical label. The writeup is nice and very useful. But i may be pointless then? No idea, have you tried the forums? Hi Paul, thank you very much for your post.

Can the firmware update be done whilst driving so it doesnt flatten my battery? Currently my unit is out of action, between firmware installations. Notify me of new posts via email. This might allow jumping the issue.

The disk is stuck, and the navigation wont respond the buttons. Tell me which can be placed navigation map now, or which firmware update to be able to put the latest boulaur card? Now, mobile game blackberry torch the navigation system wont start. Have you upgraded the firmware or just the maps? What I did I was install an older version of the firmware v.

Do you have any suggestions please? So today I tried to do the firmware update and updating the navigation maps. Keen to give this a go tomorrow but just wanted to know if any of the above features mentioned are likely to cause issues? Update worked, working fine with no issues. You can find out the specific hardware revision by a taking the unit out of the dash and looking for the part number or b using a secret hidden menu.

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Thank you so much for this amazing article! With a bit of luck, everything will go smoothly! Yes those from Zippyshare. The only thing gone with the firmware and map updates were the radio stations presets everything else preserved.

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Which I did and lucky me it went through. Does any one knows how to correct this? In regards to boot and what happens during boot is fairly simple. How can I get this program.

My Skoda Columbus stopped working and was displaying in German. Would love to know how big it is in order to make a decision either replace it if the size is too small, or install the maps if I have enough space. If I recall correctly far more than an hour. Nope, I never got it working. It prompts me for a username and Password.

CD70 Navi Disc

Select the first option, hit build and let it run. Thank you for these excellent instructions.

What can happen if the car runs out of power while performing the updates? Hello, I burned the firmware. And paul, i upgraded only the maps. Failing that, try disconnecting the unit? Did you put the drive straight in or try and clone it first?

First class set of instructions. All the details are in the post. Hello I have followed the steps upgrading the maps. Email me if you want the instructions. Although I had to manually restart the system by turning the ignition key to get the update process going again.

Thinking of replacing it with an aftermarket android unit made by joying company. Each function is launched almost like an app and runs in the background. Secret menu showed up, and I learned that I have a C unit the delivery port number ends with C.

Followed these instructions to the letter and all went straight into my Golf with no issue. Basically nothing worked properly unless the ignition was turned on and the engine was running approx rpm. Hi, the website for maps-tool is not working. How can I burn this as an Image?

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Opel cd70 navi firmware

These steps are easy to read and follow. Any pointers in what im doing wrong? Great write up and summary so thank you. After a dozen or so unsuccessful attempts, I started trawling the net for answers, only to end up more confused than ever.

The Maps tool can no longer be found there. Will updating the firmware currently reverse this. All went as per instructions.