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Newer Post Older Post Home. Innumerable prizes and awards for journalism. He thought the boy could sing all right but it was still a gamble.

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Gita Roy was to record it with Mukesh and could not come for some rea-son. He accepted the award of Gujarat Gaurav only when he was convinced that artists were behind it. He has been a life-long student. But I was not worried at all.

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He keeps laughing all the time. And the boy did not relish the life in Uttarsanda or Nadiad. Dur dakhkhan na dungara bolya pan morla bolya nahin. Beena Madhur Madhur Kachhu Bol.

But Purushottam had an inexplicable strength of character that has stood him good stead over the years. The peacock's song is still echoing in the Gujarati music.

It was a Sat-urday night and some of the artistes were asleep back-stage. Left job in to pursue an independent career in journalism and media. He remembered the days of his early youth when he performed for a mere Rs. What greater award could there be than this? But that is figuratively speaking.