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Kasun Kalhara - Arabumama Kadulak Wela. It has been noted that currently she has been singing the theme song in most of the television dramas. In Deepasika Award was presented to her in appreciation of her achievement as the only female singer who remarkably contributed a maximum number of songs to the film industry in Sri Lanka. Since the inception of film industry in Sri Lanka it was she who recorded playback singing for every main actress in Sinhala films. Handuwada Bindunata Kudu Gase.

Please be kind enough to mention any songs that have been missed from Namal Udugama song collection. It is hard to reminiscence the exact number of songs that she has recorded so far.

Jothipala Punsanda Rantharu H. Sanda Komali Tharu Piri Warala. Sanda Kanthi Wati Rathriya Me. She missed the golden opportunity of recordings with many high profile singers and frequent travel to India for recordings due her demand of highly expensive charges. Pipena Piyuman Piyakaru Manaram.

It was just after six years from her entrance to Kala Lokaya that a certain popular newspaper conducted a gallop poll in to determine the Best Female Singer in Popularity at the time. Download Album click here. Latha who is recognized to be with a screen voice was aptly offered playback singing for other actresses matching her voice with theirs.

Amaradeva, Milton Perera, H. Amaradewa Anothaththa Vila W. Yuropaye Hima Watena Kale. Latha is recognized as the only female singer who has a combination of singing caliber of Classical songs, Chorus songs, Baila songs, Vannam and Western songs. Music Directors Mohamed Ghouse, R.

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Sanda Komali Tharu Piri Warala - Latha Walpola

Jothipala Kothanaka Hitiyath H. Download for free and enjoy. Jothipala Nupurudu Hangumaki H.

He was the father of Radio artist C. Sulalitha Wu Kala Mihiren.

Observing her congenital talents and skills Vincent de Alwis introduced her to Susil Premaratne and C. Latha, gifted with artistic aptitude albeit no education background in music, has surprised the versatile musicians with her adaptable high scale singing. Killer B Manamalakam Iraj feat. She started her career in playing different characters in C. Nandana Uyane Miyuraka Thawara.

Latha Walpola Songs

Muttusami featuring the superior skills of Dharmadasa and Latha. Amaradewa Wasanthaye Aga W. Arunode - Deesh ft Sajhan. Punchi Wayase Handata Adana. Matha Matha Sri Baritha Matha.


Amma Mata Mal Suwadak Wewa. Manaranjana Darshaneeya Lanka. Sanhinda - Sinhala Keyboard for iPhone, iPad. Adarei Kelle - Wikum Peumal. Fonseka, Edward Perera, B.

Jothipala Malin Piri Giya H. Pooja Nagare Deviyan Kohedo. Shoka Kandulal Nethe Wiyalila. Fernando, Ananda Sarath Wimalaweera, Fr.

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Asthira Thanpath - Moozilla. Pipena Malaka Mee Madu Rasa.

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Ran Wan Dul Karalin Pasila. Latha Walpola is the indisputable Nightingale of Sri Lanka. Pem Mala Gotha Gele Paladannam. Jothipala, Victor Ratnayake, T.

Jothipala Aadara Madhura Atheethe H. In the initial stages of the emergence of film industry in Sri Lanka, wifi hacker full version filming was done mostly in South India since advance technology was not available in Sri Lanka. Newer Post Older Post Home. By she became a shining spectacle invading the living rooms of each and every household in Sri Lanka by her beaming golden voice.