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Select your retailer from the drop-down list. Tell us if you receive your bill monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. Only change this value if your retailer is not listed, you believe it may change in the near future, or you have been told so otherwise by your retailer. We then seek live pricing from installers for the size of system you need. What are your solar goals Personal preference and choosing a system to suit your lifestyle habits has a major influence on the system size you should select.

Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Sundry electrical equipment such a cabling, conduit, junction boxes and fixings used in the installation. Light-Induced Degradation Effect of the reduction in the array's power during the first few months of its operation caused by light-induced degradation of photovoltaic cells.

The solar calculator above does take these factors into account to calculate your solar production accurately. Some solar panels calculators focus on calculating solar energy production data and some are more focused on the financial aspects of going solar.

Battery Bank Sizing This calculator will help you size the battery bank for your system. For a discussion on choosing the best brands of solar equipment visit our top solar tips page. Enter your address to find out what tax credits and other solar incentives your property is eligible for. Commercial users and solar industry professionals, including installers, will be able to access a Pro version of this solar calculator by becoming an Energy Matters partner. You can add the purchase cost to your home mortgage or take out a specific solar loan.

Our calculator factors in all of these variables before displaying your potential solar results, whilst further information on each of these areas can be found throughout our site. Your system size results This calculator provides an estimate of the system size needed to power your daily electricity consumption in your location.

The calculator assumes you will need to size your system to get you through average amount of sun-light in the least sunniest month of the year for your location. In short, the more you use during the day the better. This calculator assumes and adds for inefficiencies in batteries, panels, and wiring. Then, the onus is on you to estimate how much power you consume during daylight hours. If you have the option to stay connected to the grid, you can choose a system size that will maximise your solar production and your financial savings.

If your rooftop is fully obstructed during times of shading, double the amount of hours you select for shading. Your optimal system size Your solar power production The system cost Financial savings Payback period Environmental benefits.

Installing the solar panels, inverter and the rest of the solar panel installation work by qualified electrical contractors. How much will solar save you in California Enter your zip code and electricity spend to find the right size solar system for your home. Select Your Utility Please enter your address above. The information on our website is general in nature and is not intended as a substitute for competent legal, financial or electrical engineering advice. Age Effect of weathering of the photovoltaic modules on the array's performance over time.

You can calculate your off grid solar needs using our off grid solar calculator. Your Current Power Consumption kWh per day. Loading Map of Weather Stations. Soiling is location- and weather-dependent.

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Personal preference and choosing a system to suit your lifestyle habits has a major influence on the system size you should select. If you're an existing solar panel owner, we provide a solar storage calculator to weigh up the feasibility of solar batteries. It is provided to give an estimate only and general guide of the potential savings and benefits of installing and using solar panels and batteries. You will need panels for a total of watts. We provide all of the information you need to decide whether or not to invest in solar power panels and batteries.

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This important variable is often overlooked when estimating solar savings. See live solar prices from top rated solar companies in your area. Our solar calculator also uses this data but many other sites just assume a single figure. What We Do Solar Calculator is your resource for everything solar.

Battery cost If you have been quoted a price on a solar battery from an installer, enter it into this field to get the relevant power advantages and financial results based on the quoted price. Decide whether or not you want to add a solar battery to your system. Home Solar Calculator Solar Calculator To work out which is the best solar energy calculator to use you first need to work out what information you need. If you are relying on your system to deliver a certain amount of power during cooler months, you need to be aware of this.

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Trusted by America's best. Field measurements of the electrical characteristics of photovoltaic modules in the array may show that they differ from their nameplate rating. More information on feed in tariffs can be found here. When you enter your details we display a more detailed online estimate. Your best saving will come from using your own generated power during the day.

We are passionate about solar and its positive environmental and financial benefits. What's the size of your existing Solar Power System?

The advantage of the solar-estimate. Watts, or kilowatts This value takes into account losses due to system inefficiencies. However, in truth, eset nod32 username and password there is far more to determining your optimal system size than this. Some solar calculators do not have accurate solar production data for each location. This later type of solar calculator is sometimes known as a solar payback calculator.

The best place to start, is by checking your most recent electricity bill and seeing how much power you use each day. Solar panels cost by system size? What factors affect the cost of a fully installed solar system for my home?

All figures are estimates only and are not guaranteed. Disclaimer This solar power calculator is indicative only. This means with the solar-Estimate calculator you only have to know what utility you are with and your average monthly power bill and the solar-estimate. Play around with this figure to see the effect it has on your solar savings eg. What should be included in the total cost of a solar panel system for your home in solar quotes you receive from solar providers near you?

Do you already have solar power installed? Ei epicuri adipiscing temporibus sit, et euismod gloriatur assueverit has.

Home Solar Panel Calculators. Please enter a different location. Our site is full of information for people wanting to go solar, and existing owners wanting storage solutions.