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Underneath the barrel was another, way grosser one! Is this what we've been fighting for all this time? Not yet but I do feel like this is somehow worse than a crappy choose your own adventure porn game I played on the internet many years ago. Scourge has his eye and fur color switched from Sonic's.

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The Fighters, but the Zaibatsu had to go for the hard shit first. These damage frames look pretty good, I've got to say. There's no going home from this operation.

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Bean and Bark are from Sonic Fighters. Bean and Bark originally came from Sonic The Fighters.

We're in too deep now, boys. That's one of Robotnik's secret black projects! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Brazil honestly has like shitting ass taxes where a game can cost as much as a console so pirating and trying to find good internet that makes comcast look like saints. Yeah, was it all recorded in the same day?

The entire thing was just Chao swearing at each other. That computer is like a time capsule of every bad decision I made as a teenager. What would you recommend on Twitter for Toku? Ray the Flying Squirrel is totally an official character, his only playable appearance was in a Japan only arcade game though. Well we know for certain they record things in batches so this was probably done the day they did Blazblue.

The reason why Matts audio was busted in this and that is because his mic was facing backwards. You only get one pass though. This is like the Sonic Dreams Collection of fanmade Sonic fighting games.

Woolie has a magical barrel that whispers secrets of garbage fighting games to him. As a person who's crazy on Drive and not a fan of Gaim, the dub doesn't have much to offer to me. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities.

Most of it has calmed down at this point and right now it seems that the sub is going through a Blade phase. Not just a fan character but also the basis for Scourge from the Sonic Archie comic before Ken Penders threw a royal fit and forced a retcon that nuked all his characters. That Walrus had fucking Link sound effects. Matt was in the ballpark, I think. This does make a lot more sense now.

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To be honest to find Toku twitter people you should probably find the subbers and then branch out from there. Ray and Mighty are from the arcade Sonic game. All the other characters not well known from the games are from the Archic Comics. Off topic I believe Brazil is needed to save anime so that more characters have asses like legit asses. Who are all these characters then, and where are they from?

God, no wonder why he was so reluctant to say anything. The spindash-kick gives it away. Please remember to mark any spoilers. And if they do, they probably like Archie more.

Also a bunch of random high pitched clicks can be heard. Here's the video on Youtube! Hope you got your last letter out before we dropped in. In case you were wondering where that crazy un-hype song was from. Why did they recolor it, I dunno, But Tails, at the very least, is stolen and recolored.

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Please tell me I'm not the only one who noticed that. Are there holes in it to also mean cheese? What new depths could fighting games possibly sink to? It was only when he appeared in the Archie Comics did he become much more well known.

What the fuck is it with Brazil, fan games, and Sonic? No, guys, wallpapers for china mobile Chaos totally looks like he did in Sonic Battle. He became a crossdresser and has been throwing lots of temper tantrums over Sonic's arms being blue in Sonic Boom.

A 2D fighting game with the characters from Sonic

Pretty sure that's also how fan games like crazy bus were formed. Wanna know some weird shit? They still exist, but they're all on my family's virus-infested piece of shit Emachine. What happened to that guy? Honestly I feel really bad for the guy.