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During one of the parties we joked about getting Imperial tattoos. But at this event, the Hoth ice is already broken. Disney would later revamp the popular ride with different locations, characters, and vehicles. For the rest of us adult schmucks, a Sith themed night club was ready to invite guests to party all night long under the watch of the Emperor.

For many of the participants, this was their first time speed dating. Now with Celebration coming up, I am very curious as to how this show will play out. Since the last Celebration in things have changed a lot.

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This was due to the Disney buy out. The convention will blast off with a special panel honoring the series featuring Kathleen Kennedy and The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson. Star Wars flowed through the halls.

Celebration Japan included live entertainment, Star Wars celebrities, exclusive merchandise, special presentations, unique Star Wars exhibits, costume contests, and other activities. Right across the main hall was large Death Star that floated over convention goers. In addition, there were collector and costuming panels, including sneak peeks of the upcoming Clone Wars animated series. It was DragonCon and the Legion was beginning to pick up speed.

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Each participant is identified by a number taped to his or her shirt. That always gets a few weird looks when people make the connection! It is then up to that guy or girl to decide whether they want to accept the invitation.

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Fans Look for Love Dressed as Jedis

She was just helping out a fellow costumer, selling some old Jedi boots she was trying to get rid of. But these are the kind of announcements that get a buzz around a convention floor going. Luckily this one kept his arm on. It also probably helped that plans were secretly being made with Disney to buy the franchise, and the mouse house was just down the road from the convention center where the event is held.

It was a moment in which I had to keep my composure. By the end of the event, both men and women scrambled to the back of the room to write down their contact information in hopes that their Luke or Leia felt the same way. Neither is any physical contact except for a handshake. Pretty soon it was wedding bells.

Because even the Empire needs cheerleaders! Ally May from Palm Harbor, Fla. Say what you will about the director or his latest films, but he really is one of us. We briefly chatted about classic monster films together, and it meant the world to me. As funny as this was at first, it was kind of annoying.

Battlefront while on the third day the trailer for the second season of Star Wars Rebels made its debut. Aside from the irrational fear we might one day accidentally kiss our sister, Star Wars fans are full of romance just like anyone else! Star Wars themed parties that evening were still bumping, rababa online dating and all were having a good time.

And with that, they did a fine job. My thinking was a community where any member could attend any convention and feel like they had like-minded costumers with whom they could build friendships. The two busiest spots were the Fan Club store and the autograph section, specifically for Carrie Fisher. Without warning the Trooper Groupies appeared. Even Vader thinks women look good in armor!

This was quite a bummer for everyone involved. Danielle Feezle met her husband through the Ohio Garrison.

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Personal information like names, phone numbers or locations are not allowed during the three-minute meetings. It has only been growing, and now has a more focused path than ever. So, all in all, it was a pretty spectacular event with fun and like-minded Star Wars fans. Looks like she got her man When the st Legion began fifteen years ago, its mission was ostensibly to be a social club. This show easily becomes my favorite convention experience thus far.

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Sparks ignited maybe her Force lightning? Same for the Rebel Legion! It was that weekend I met my wife Kathy, who was one of the Trooper Groupies.

The Star Wars property was going through a huge change behind curtains, and there only so much the show could do to keep fans interested. It was a good weekend to be a Stormtrooper! Stopping by and admiring the Tauntaun ice sculptures and getting a blaster shot or two was half the fun! It was a really good time. Floating around YouTube are some clips of Detours, no word yet on any future release.

It was not the events fault, though. We even have an unofficial unit called the Joint Ops, celebrating st members who get married to one another. Events spanned throughout the weekend. Although with no theme in mind and Disney already in the works figuring out there buy out strategy, this show was a bit lackluster from the officials end.

Fans came up with more ideas for the event including Star Wars speed dating, collector trade events, and bounty hunting. There are strict rules to speed dating.

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