Tune Mere Jaana Hindi Female Version Mp3

Please make this probition if there is any. Now all my Friends are giving remarks that my voice is same as talat. As a teenager I was watching the indian film for the first time. Whenever i hear Talat Mahmoods golden voice i just beside myself with emotions.

Tune Mere Jaana

Coupled with it he has the rare sonorousness and vocal beauty that makes him unique, only one of a kind. It is not case with any other singer. Talatji will always remain alive in the hearts of his fans and he will be loved and cherished for the wonderful melodies that he has sung. That was Talat Mahmood's introduction to me.

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He sang two of my request songs also. Although, I lost touch with him, he was always with me because I listen to his velvet voice every day of my life. My good wishes for you carrying out such a noble work towards the music and for the artist. Sujay and from all of his family. Talat sahab was a great person, great singer.

A Golden Voice - Talat Mahmood

How great and humble he was. She lived in Mumbai along with her mother. Khalid mehmood sb how are you and yours family, yours dady is my favorite singer so i miss him very much. All the best and keep it up. Please keep up the good work.

Ek bar mujhe pretum keh ke is immortal. If you ever visit Edmonton Canada, Please visit my home it would be an honour. My dad has been his fan ever since his songs use to play on ceylon.

He will live for ever in my heart. He is additionally one of the acknowledged artists of Rabindra Sangeet.

By the way this version is Rare. But you did not upload two songs in older version. It was so soothing to the eyes to see Talatji and the other stars of golden days gone by. All his songs are melodious. Further, I am an amateur astronomer.

His voice has life like music. Talat Sahib's silky smooth voice was a gift of God, only to be appreciated, cherished and loved. We enjoyed the show very much. This website about Talat Mahmood is mind-boggling and has left me dazed.

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Music SectionTune Mere Jaana

May his soul be blessed in peace. What do you intend doing by creating a web site like this? But no one can even think of going near to his singing and his songs, that shows his practice, knowledge and immense love and dedication for singing.

Thank you and all the best. Iam a very big fan of Talat saab. May be I missed a lot of songs that were uploaded on your website earlier. Lekin Main kuch Rare gaane ya ghazal pana chahta hoon, Kya main Aap se help ki ummid kar sakta hoon.

Tune Mere Jaana Hindi Version

But I realized that how beautifully rather artfully he justified the tune with his soulful voice and was so close to the tune of the original symphony. With his Gazal Style tune which he brought into all the Hindi songs he sang, cs go wallhack 2015 he made a tremendous impact in Hindi Film Songs. His tune was different from that of other contemporary singers. Westernisation of hindi songs is nothing but a disaster.

Asha Bhosle is an Hindi Singer. Could you please put up the full version?

Music Section

When I was growing up, whenever I heard Talatsaab on the Aakashwani, I will stop everything and just listen to that heart touching voice. Do you have any idea what Talat thought of them? But I did not find these in listen to audio page.

The perfect urdu diction was unparalleled. That's the biggest compliment I can pay him. It would be nice to put few Faiz Ahmad Faiz sahib ghazals sung by Talat sahib. It has been seven years since Talat Sahib left us. There were so many of those songs which one never finds anywhere else.

He is very grt singer among all singers. He stood to shook my hand.

Tune Mere Jaana Hindi Version

May I ask you to once again give me a chance to record it. If you are ever in Detroit area I like you be my guest. The biggest praise for the two concerts came from the press on the following days.

Let me know How i can download free Special guzals of Talad Mahmoodji. He is untouchable, I have almost all his songs, gazals and they are my greatest treasure. It still works like magic especially when one has had a bad day or feel depressed. Legacy of many other singers is carried ahead by their imitators, but Talat is only one and will remain only one forever.