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Any user feedback is extremely valuable for us and enables us to develop the app into the proper direction. We're proud to announce that our app was chosen as one of the finalists! By clicking this you can mark the song as your favorite. One likes the mother, another one the daughter, and it's absolutely not obligatory to switch to the new app if you prefer the old one. If a song is available for download, you'll find a small arrow next to it see right side of the picture above.

So if you're using Google Chrome, go ahead and install the free application from there and have quick access to it at any time. However, it seems this kind of displays are getting more and more common in the newer models of many computer manufacturers.

Today, the thoroughly renewed Chrome Web Store was rolled out, making the packaged apps available to the general public for the first time. In any case, we'd be really happy if you'll give the new app a test drive! And obviously developing new features in the meanwhile!

Next to the song name on the list you'll find a small star symbol.

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Remember, this is still an early beta and hopefully we're able to release new features and other improvements on a regular basis. On the surface the new app looks more or less the same as the old one, but under the hood we've remade almost everything. Because we're spearheading new stuff here, your feedback as well as possible bug reports is more welcome than ever! Simply click the arrow, imagemixer for mac and the download starts.

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Now we're back online, so it was just a couple of hours break after all. More keyboard shortcuts are coming up later, but we felt the crossfader was the most important thing to get your mixing session going. We're going to publish more new stuff soon, but we simply couldn't hold back this initial version of the packaged app any more.

Nonetheless, the standard Chrome should be updated to v. We've lately been busy with working on something more than a simple feature update. As always, any feedback and bug reporting is welcome e. While the first public beta served as a proof-of-concept level prototype, we now managed to greatly improve the speed and user experience of the app.

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Click the image to read the article. At the time being, the packaged apps framework itself is still under development and you might not find our app by browsing the Chrome Web Store. Click the image to install the brand new packaged app. Today we launched a fresh version with. The crossfader can now be controlled with the left and right arrow keys of your keyboard.

It feels even spiffier since we haven't really promoted the app in any explicit way, but instead the user base has been growing through social media. Whether downloading a particular song is possible or not naturally depends on the decision made by the artist who chose to share the song.

This allows users with a large display to utilize the available screen estate more effectively. At the moment we're preparing to present our app in the final pitching session in October, competing for the main price. The guys at the Google Chrome team describe the launch in more detail in their fresh blog post.

If you don't have such a machine you won't notice a thing. The two incarnations of the app will co-exist in the Chrome Web Store. Favorite Songs and Play History.


Finally, alt-clicking moves the crossfader completely to the desired side at once. Obviously, this opens up exciting possibilities for the future development. MacBook with Retina display or Chromebook Pixel will be eyeing an extremely crisp user interface.

This week we added some intelligence to the songs management, making it easier and faster for you to find your way in the backwoods of SoundCloud. Another improvement is that the we now support high resolution graphics. As you probably know, Google Drive is a pretty advanced online file storage system, automatically available free-of-charge to anyone with a Google account. This means people running a computer with a high pixel density display e.

These are pretty badass numbers, and we're extremely happy and grateful with this success. At the bottom of the songs list there are now buttons for accessing the lists of your favorite songs as well as the ones you've played earlier. Besides most likely bringing our app to the consciousness of a great number of new users, being spotlighted from amongst all the other great apps sure feels like a homage of sorts. Shift-clicking causes a smooth transition to the extreme end to happen over time.

The competition was open for Nordic and Baltic startups. Download song by clicking the small arrow at the upper right corner of the song box. Current search results are displayed on a separate list, just like before. Sometimes even the greatest of computers might have an issue. You don't need to spend your time worrying about saving files or logging in - just browse to the website again and your stuff is where you left it.

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