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You should never download a standalone recovery center unless it is part of a trusted virus protection company included in their software. How to change default YouTube visibility settings. These utilities can be used to attempt to diagnose and resolve your issue without reinstalling programs or drivers. How to run the Windows System Restore or Startup Repair feature when the operating system will not start. System Restore can return the computer to a previous configuration of the operating system when it was working properly.

Close all open programs and turn off the computer. Firefox Download the latest version.

No Vaio Recovery Center in my Sony Vaio

VAIO Recovery Disk Guide for Windows XP Vista 7 8

This will take you straight into the Sony Vaio recovery center. If you suspect a virus or infections and can not easily access your Vaio recovery center read the steps and options further below. It is important to know what is wrong with your Sony Vaio to understand what steps you will need to take. Do not interrupt the power during the recovery process.

Your computer may restart several times during this process. This guide is also available on this website for each model.

Safari Download the latest version. To get the full experience on Sony. The Startup Repair option can automatically resolve certain issues that can prevent the operating system from starting.

Sony Vaio Recovery Center Information

Follow any on-screen instructions to complete the installation process for each application and driver selected. Contact support Contact your Sony Support team. If you want to proceed to the recovery process, please click Next. There is a risk of data loss. If Performance and Maintenance is not listed in the Control Panel window, click Switch to Category View on the left side of the window, and click Performance and Maintenance.

Sony Vaio Recovery and Restore Information

Download Easy Recovery Essentials. Computer infections, viruses, broken hardware, spider man friend or foe game and other problems require a more tactical approach when accessing the Sony Vaio recovery center. Support by Sony Mobile App. The option to open a Command Prompt can be used by advanced users and technical support personnel to perform troubleshooting on the hard drive or the operating system.

Look for software and driver updates or check for knowledge base solutions that may help you solve your computer's issue. Download recovery disk for Windows Vista. The Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool can determine if any problems being experienced are caused by issues with the computer's memory. Read more at Windows Recovery Disks. He has written for numerous online publications.

The boot disc is not always necessary. Click the Start button and then click All Programs. If your hard drive is malfunctioning or broken you may not be able to access your files until you fix the part or use the drive connected to another compatible computer. The Performance and Maintenance panel appears.

Internet Explorer Download the latest version. Depending on the model, this process may take extended time to complete, but requires no user interaction until completion.

Sony Vaio Recovery and Restore Information

In the Reinstall Programs or Drivers window, click the Start button. Running the recovery software utility to create a Recovery Media Kit can lead to data loss including your music, movies, pictures and applications. Backup your computer before you proceed.

How to perform a system recovery when the operating system will not start. Disconnect all peripheral devices.

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Visit our Community and share your experiences and solutions with other Sony customers. On the Drivers tab, click to select any drivers to be reinstalled. Click to select all the boxes to reinstall all the applications originally bundled with the computer. Applicable Products and Categories of This Article. If you can not find your disc or can not find the recovery center on your Sony Vaio computer for whatever reason you may contact Sony support for a new disc.